Undergraduate Admissions

CLEP Credit

If you have taken College-Level Exam Program (CLEP) exams, you may be able to earn Penn State credit.

Score must be equivalent to the American Council on Education (ACE) recommended score to receive credit as indicated in the schedule below.


Accounting, Principles of

This exam is no longer offered by the testing service. Students who have already completed this exam will receive credit as follows:
ACCTG--Introductory Accounting: 3 General Credits

Business Law, Introductory

B LAW--Introductory Business Law: 3 General Credits

Financial Accounting

Credit award to be announced

Information Systems and Computer Applications

CMPSC 100--Computer Fundamentals & Applications: 3 Credits

Management, Principles of

MGMT--Introduction to Management: 3 General Credits

Marketing, Principles of

MKTG--Introductory Marketing: 3 General Credits

Composition and Literature

American Literature

No Credit

Analyzing & Interpreting Literature

No Credit

College Composition

No Credit

College Composition Modular

No Credit

English Composition

No Credit

English Literature

No Credit

Freshman College Composition (replaces College Composition and Freshman English)

No Credit


LA--Humanities: 3 General Credits

Foreign Languages

French Language--Level 1

FR 001--Elem French: 4 Credits
FR 001, 002--Elem French: 8 Credits

French Language--Level 2

FR 001, 002, 003--Elementary &  Intermediate French: 12 Credits

German Language--Level 1

GER 001--Elem German: 4 Credits
GER 001, 002--Elem German: 8 Credits

German Language--Level 2

GER 001, 002, 003--Elem & Intermediate German: 12 Credits

Spanish Language--Level 1 (CLEP exam score 50-62)

SPAN 001--Elem Spanish: 4 Credits
SPAN 001, 002--Elem Spanish: 8 Credits

Spanish Language--Level 2 (CLEP exam score 63-80)

SPAN 001, 002, 003--Elem & Intermediate Spanish: 12 Credits

History and Social Sciences

American Government

PL SC--Political Science: 3 General Credits

Educational Psychology, Introduction to

EDPSY--Educational Psychology: 3 General Credits

History of the United States I: Early Colonization to 1877

No Credit

History of the United States II: 1865 to the Present

No Credit

Human Growth and Development

HD FS 129 - Human Growth and Development: 3 Credits

Macroeconomics, Principles of

ECON 104--Intro Macroeconomics: Analy/Policy 3 Credits

Microeconomics, Principles of

ECON 102--Intro Microeconomics: Analy/Policy 3 Credits

Psychology, Introductory

PSYCH--General Psychology: 3 General Credits

Social Sciences & History

SO SC 002--Contemporary Society: 3 Credits

Sociology, Introductory

SOC 001--Introductory Sociology: 3 Credits

Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 1648

HIST 001--Western Heritage I: 3 Credits

Western Civilization II: 1648 to the Present

HIST 002--Western Heritage II: 3 Credits

Science and Mathematics


No Credit


MATH 140--Calculus with Analy Geom I: 4 Credits


No Credit

College Algebra

MATH 021--College Algebra I: 3 Credits

College Algebra-Trigonometry

This exam is no longer offered by the testing service. Students who have already completed this exam will receive credit as follows
MATH 021, 022--College Algebra I & College Algebra II & Analy Geometry: 6 Credits

College Mathematics

Mathematics: 3 General Credits

Natural Sciences

SC-Natural Science: 3 General Credits


MATH 041--Trigonometry/ Analytic Geometry: 3 Credits


This exam is no longer offered by the testing service. Students who have already completed this exam will receive credit as follows
MATH 026-- Plane Trigonometry: 3 Credits

More credit information:

Undergraduate students interested in receiving credit for College-Level Exam Program (CLEP) exams should arrange for their official grade reports to be sent directly from College-Level Exam Program (CLEP).

This evaluation of the credits awarded for College-Level Exam Program (CLEP)exams is subject to change and may be reviewed and revised periodically by faculty.

If credit is awarded, a student’s university record will carry notation of credit, but no grade will be recorded. Credit awarded will not affect a student’s grade-point average at Penn State.

Limitations on credit earned through the College-Level Exam Program (CLEP) exams are as follows: 
(1) the credit must be useful in a student's program of study; 
(2) duplicate credit in the same subject is not awarded in any case.

General credits may be awarded for a (CLEP) examination that covers material that is not the substantial equivalent of material covered in a specific University course. General credits may be used to fulfill degree requirements in any area; such use is not necessarily limited to General Education or elective requirements. General credits are applied to a student’s program of study in accordance with the procedures established by the college of enrollment. Information on the use of general credits or specific course credits earned by the  College-Level Exam Program (CLEP) exams in individual programs of study may be obtained from a student’s academic adviser or from the office of the dean of a student’s college.