Undergraduate Admissions

Non-Degree to Degree Student Instructions

Instructions for a non-degree student who wants to move into degree status.

Apply Online

  1. A student who is attending Penn State as a non-degree student must submit an application through MyPennState.
  2. On the Undergraduate Admissions website:
    Click Apply Online, then click Application on the Web.
  3. Log into your MyPennState profile by entering your User ID and Password (your Friends of Penn State account).
    1. If you have an active Friends of Penn State account but do not remember your password, your password can be reset by clicking Forgot Password, which takes you to the Friends of Penn State website. (Digital identity refers to your Friends of Penn State account.)
    2. If you do not have a Friends of Penn State account, you will need to click Create Your Profile from the Undergraduate Admissions website to receive your Friends of Penn State (FPS) User ID and password.
    3. Older accounts may no longer be active. It is not recommended that you create more than one Friends of Penn State account. Contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office for assistance if you are unsure of your FPS login, PSU ID or access account.
  4. After logging in, begin by clicking Apply Online.

Hints for completing your application

As you proceed through the application process, follow these helpful hints based on the sections of the application.

Applying to Penn State

When beginning your application, you will be asked to self identify the appropriate admission type that best fits your academic history. This question is for informational purposes only and cannot be changed.

Profile Information

This section is pre-populated with information entered when you created your MyPennState profile.

  • Please note: You may experience difficulty in making changes to some MyPennState profile information.
    Contact the Undergraduate Admissions office for assistance.

Click Update Profile to make any changes.

Other general information will be collected.

Academic History

In this section of the application you will provide high school information and high school course work completed. If you did not graduate from high school and earned a General Education Diploma (GED), both high school and GED information are required.

When asked to identify colleges and universities, including Penn State, that you have attended, select Pennsylvania State University from the drop down list. List courses and the number of credits you have completed. List courses you are currently taking and courses you are planning to take. You are required to provide the same information for ALL institutions you have attended or are attending.

Campuses & Majors

When asked Degree Type, indicate either Associate (2 year) or Baccalaureate (4 year).

When asked for your Starting Semester, select the starting semester for which you want to be considered.

When Building Your Program of Study the tools under Choosing Your Major are designed to help you select your major. On the left of the screen, be sure that the Choosing Your Major section has you classified as a current Penn State student ready to move to degree status and applying for the semester for which you seek degree admission.

You will be asked to provide both a starting campus and ending campus so that your application will be identified with the correct program and location. You may be asked to provide an alternate starting campus. It is recommended that you select an alternate starting campus if asked.

Additional Information

Under Admissions Information, it is required that you answer all questions.

The next two sections, Activities and Personal Statement, are optional, but responding is recommended.

If asked to provide an Education Gap Statement, responding is required.

Review and Submit

Review this page for correctness of information. If there are changes to your application information, return to the appropriate section of the application before final submittal. Once the application is submitted, you will not be able to make changes without contacting the Admissions Office.

The Web Application Counselor Form is to aid you in requesting official high school transcripts from your school. If you earned a GED, a high school transcript through the last year completed and a GED transcript are required. Contact the Department of Education in the state where you received your GED to have an official transcript sent to Penn State.

Transcripts must be mailed or faxed directly from the high school to Penn State. Complete the student portion of the form and send it to your high school. Your high school may have additional requirements, such as a fee payment, before sending a transcript.

Sign your application by entering your initials and click Save and Continue to complete your application. Your initials certify that the information you provided is complete and accurate.

No fee is required for a non-degree student to apply for degree status. If a fee is requested, check your application information. You may be incorrectly reporting the number of enrollment credits at Penn State. Your reported academic history determines if you are payment exempt.