Undergraduate Admissions

Admission Statistics

Admissions Statistics (summer/fall 2014)

  • 57,229 First-year baccalaureate applications  
  • 15,570 First-year baccalaureate class University-wide
  • 8,461 First-year baccalaureate class at University Park
  • 8,067 Transfer baccalaureate applications from other universities
  • 3,349 Transfer baccalaureate students University-wide
  • 508 Transfer baccalaureate students at University Park

Middle 50% GPA & Standardized Test Range for First-year Students

High School GPA (4.0 scale)

Penn State University Park:
All other campuses:

Combined SAT

Penn State University Park:
All other campuses:

Combined ACT

Penn State University Park:
All other campuses:

Combined English/Writing ACT

Penn State University Park:
All other campuses:

Estimating your eligibility

Penn State does not have a minimum GPA or standardized test score used for admission: we consider a combination of your GPA and standardized test scores, as well as a few other factors.

The high school grade-point average (GPA) accounts for approximately two-thirds of the decision. The remaining one-third is based on other factors, which may include standardized test scores (students taking the ACT are required to complete and submit the writing component), class rank, the personal statement, and activities list. Class rank is also considered for students with honors or Advanced Placement courses whose schools do not supply a weighted GPA. The optional personal statement and activity list are sometimes considered for students whose applications require additional review.

The ranges in the chart above represent the middle 50 percent of students offered admission for fall 2013—they are not cutoffs or averages. Placing in the upper end of both ranges increases the likelihood of being offered your first choice of campus and/or major. Placing in the lower end may require you to be more flexible in making your campus (and perhaps major) choices. This chart in no way represents a promise or guarantee of admission.

Student Body Statistics

  • The student body represents 50 states and 131 countries
  • 28% out-of-state first-year students (37% at Penn State University Park)
  • 54% men, 46% women
  • 7,403 international students (undergraduate and graduate)
  • Students of color comprise 19% of total enrollment
  • Average student/faculty ratio is 17:1