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Becoming an Electronic Partner School with Penn State

The Penn State Web Counselor System is a free utility that allows school counselors to view and submit student credentials securely online, and access applicant status information for their students.

Web Counselor System Benefits

As a member of the Web Counselor System, you can access:

  • a list of all applicants to Penn State from your school;
  • each applicant's current status;
  • online submission of the school counselor information page from the web application;
  • free electronic submission of student transcripts;
  • submission of graduation verification for admitted students.

Joining the Web Counselor System

If your school is ready to join the Web Counselor System, please submit the electronic partner request form.

Each school must designate a primary contact, person with whom Penn State will communicate through the Web Counselor System. The primary contact must create and verify the school’s profile information before transcripts can be processed

Web Counselor System Details

Once your school’s profile is created in the system, you will have access to the following information:

  • The "Submit Materials" link provides a list of applicants who have completed an application and for whom we are missing a high school transcript. This interactive list is used to complete the online counselor form.
  • The "Applicant Status" link provides a list of all students who have applied to Penn State. This interactive list provides an updated application status for each student on a daily basis.
  • The "Graduation Verification" link lists students who attended your school for whom we have not yet received graduation verification. Selecting a student on this interactive list prompts the counselor with a series of questions to either verify that the student graduated from high school.