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Lion Scouts

Lion Scouts

Penn State Lion Scouts
Penn State Lion Scouts
Who are the Lion Scouts?

Lion Scouts are student volunteers who have a great passion for Penn State and are interested in sharing their many wonderful experiences with prospective students. There are over 300 undergraduate student volunteers who assist the admissions office with recruitment efforts.

Contact Lion ScoutsStudent Minority Advisory Recruitment Team on twitter

101 Shields Building
University Park, PA 16802

Join Lion Scouts

Information on eligibility and application instructions

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High School Visits

Scheduling and evaluation of High School Visits

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Lion Leadership Conference

The Lion Leadership Conference is a peer-to-peer conference for student leaders across campus to engage and exchange leadership ideas and practices.

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Penn State Lion Scouts: Spend A Summer Day

Lion Scout Activities

We are active participants in the following recruitment events:

  • Campus Tours
  • Chat Rooms
  • High School Visits
  • Phonathons
  • Lion Scout Retreats


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