Troubleshooting with Students

Information to help students successfully complete their Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR).

What grade scale should I select?

Numbers, if your transcript has all numbers. Letters, if your transcript have all letters.

Letters and numbers, if your transcript has both letters and numbers. Other, if your transcript indicates decimals or another type of grading scale.

I entered some courses and need to edit the course length, but it's not an option when editing the course.

Course length cannot be edited. Please add another course with the correct information, and then "delete" the course with the incorrect length.

I'm seeing a sibling's SRAR data when I'm trying to access my SRAR.

Each student that enters a SRAR needs to use a unique email address. If you've used the same email address as the person you're seeing, you'll need to update your email address in MyPennState to something other than the one the other person used. Once you've done that, email explaining what happened. Please provide your MyPennState user ID along with the name and email address of the other person you are incorrectly seeing in the SRAR.

With this information we will unlink you from the other person’s SRAR and send you instructions for completing your SRAR.

What grade should I select if a course is on my transcript but I didn't receive credit for the course?

You should select “No Credit” as the grade value if you did not receive credit for taking the course. These are most often senior project or community service requirements or study halls.

What if my school is on block scheduling?

Block courses are set for one unit per grade entry. If your course was for one semester, please indicate your final grade for that semester and you will be awarded a full credit for that course. If you provide grades for both grade options for a block level course, it will be worth two units.

A SRAR from a school with block scheduling will get flagged in the review process to make sure students are accurately representing their credits earned.

How do I enter my weighted grades?

You should report all grades exactly as they are listed on your transcript. You will use the Course Level field on the SRAR to indicate the type of course (e.g., honors, AP, etc.).

How do I list high school courses taken while I was in middle school or junior high school on the SRAR?

Any core curriculum course taken for high school credit must be listed on the SRAR. Enter the course in the appropriate year. The SRAR includes options for entering middle school courses. However, unless courses were taken for high school credit, you do not need to include middle or junior high school courses on the SRAR.

How do I list summer courses on the SRAR?

For courses taken during the summer, list the courses and associated grades in the preceding school year. For example, if you took a summer course between 9th and 10th grade, you will list the course and grade in the final semester of your 9th grade year on the SRAR.

What if I repeated or withdrew from one or more of my classes?

You must list on the SRAR all courses that you have attempted. If the course appears on your transcript, it must accurately be listed on the SRAR as well.

If a student attended more than one high school, but the current high school has complete information on its transcript, does the student need to get separate transcripts from each school to fill this out?

As long as all of the classes and grades are represented on the transcript, no.

What if I attended more than one high school?

If you attended more than one high school, you will add all high schools attended to the SRAR and list coursework and associated grades within each high school.

What if 9th or 10th grades are not considered high school in my district?

Despite how your district defines earlier grades, please include coursework and associated grades from 9th through 12th grade.

I can't submit my SRAR.

If you are having difficulty submitting your SRAR, then please check that you have completed the following steps:

  1. Review your SRAR responses to ensure that all required fields have been completed (i.e. GPA, current grades, class rank/size, etc.) for each high school attended.
  2. Make sure you have entered coursework for all of the years that you have attended high school in grades 9 through 12 and included senior-year courses in progress.

I can't find my school in the list.

The SRAR website uses a database of names from College Board which may vary slightly from the common name of your school. When searching for your school, try to use variants of the official school name. For example, if you attended T.C. Central High School, enter "Central" in the search box. Make sure you select the correct state.

Counseling staff:Help troubleshoot with the student to try and identify the correct school. If you can’t figure it out, direct the student to complete a Help request within their SRAR. The help button is located in the top right corner. The customer service staff will get back to them within 24 hours.

I'm graduating early, how do I enter in school work?

Please enter your dates of attendance; however, make sure your academic year selections are correct (i.e. 9th grade, 10th grade, etc.).

Should I select AP or Dual Enrollment as the Course Level if my course is both?

If your Dual Enrollment/College in High School course is also an AP course, please choose AP for the course level.

How should I list my Semester vs. Final Year Grades?

If your school gives out final year grades, then select Full Year in the Course Length field and enter the final grade. If they only give out final grades by term such as semester (i.e., they do not give final year grades), please select the appropriate term (e.g., Semester) in the Course Length field and enter each final term grade.

How do I edit my coursework prior to submitting my SRAR?

Please review the following guidelines for editing your record: In order to add, remove, or edit coursework, please select My Academic Record. If you have listed more than one school that you have attended, then please confirm that you have selected the appropriate one.

  • Select Enter Coursework, then click on Edit next to the years (e.g. 2016-2017) that you want to update.
  • To Add a course, go to Add New Coursework, enter the information and select Save Course.
  • To Remove a course, scroll to Currently Entered Coursework and click on the Box next to the course you want to remove. Then, click on Remove Selected.
  • If you want to make changes to the course, click on Edit to the right of the course and scroll up to Edit Course to complete the changes. Be sure to select Save Changes once you have finished.