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Admissions to Penn State Updates 

I am an international student with concerns about making it to campus for the summer/fall term. What should I do?

Penn State is committed to providing a world class education for its students and to provide multiple avenues for students to achieve their academic goals. While we recognize that the best option for some students may be to delay the start of their degree, we also realize that many of you are anxious to get started and enthusiastic about moving forward with this new phase in your life. Penn State is planning to return to standard course delivery for the fall 2021 semester. we understand that travel restrictions, financial concerns and delays to the visa process may make it difficult for students to arrive in the fall. 

For the most up-to-date information about your Penn State options visit

Office of Global Programs

Please note that during this time our Office of Global Programs is conducting normal business operations and will be able to provide additional information as it becomes available. Please contact with immigration/visa questions or concerns. Please contact with any other questions or concerns.

International Students

The deadline to accept your offer of admission to Penn State is May 1, but we understand that as an international student, you may require additional time to gather materials and complete paperwork. If you need an extension, please email us at with the subject line: International Student Deadline Extension.

Temporary Change of Campus:

This option allows all students who are admitted to one campus, to attend a different campus on a temporary basis for one semester, and then return to their original campus for the spring semester. If students wish to have full online coursework, the World Campus is their option. These discussions and changes will be made at New Student Orientation where you will work with your academic adviser to ensure we are providing the best guidance from an academic standpoint.  

Students Admitted to summer 2021 at Penn State University Park:

Please note, students admitted to the University Park campus for the summer 2021 semester must enroll in University Park courses for the summer session. A temporary change of campus will be available starting in the fall semester. For more information on summer course delivery options, please visit our Keep Teaching website.  

Deferral Request

First-year Students

If delaying your start is a better option for you, you are a first-year student and you have accepted your offer of admission and paid your deposit, you have the option to defer your offer of admission for up to one year from that semester. Please submit a request, in writing, to with the subject line: Deferral Request.

Transfer Students

If you have been admitted as a transfer student, we may be able to defer your offer of admission for up to one year, depending on your current and completed college coursework. Please submit your deferral request, in writing, to with the Subject Line: Deferral Request.