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Provost's Awards

The Provost's Award program is designed to encourage student success and promote the financial accessibility of a Penn State education. 

Provost's Awards

The Provost’s Award program was launched in 2012 to promote student success and make a Penn State education more affordable for students offered admission to our 20 undergraduate campuses. Awards are issued at the time of admission and renewed in the subsequent years based on the student’s academic achievement.

There is no application process for the Provost’s Award. All domestic first-year students that receive an offer of admission to University Park and all Commonwealth Campuses will be considered. The Provost’s Award is competitive and granted to less than 15% of the incoming first-year class. Students with strong diverse backgrounds and/or experiences are selected based on a multitude of factors, and qualifying students are notified by mail.

Full-time enrollment and a minimum grade-point average are required to maintain eligibility for the Provost's Award.

The Provost’s Award has no impact on a student’s eligibility for other financial aid opportunities at Penn State.