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School of Theatre - March 30, 2018

The School of Theatre offers exciting and competitive programs in dance, acting, musical theatre, technical theatre (lighting, sound, costume design, scenic design or technical direction), stage management, and theatre studies. The goal of our programs is to educate and train talented, successful, self-confident, collaborative, active, and knowledgeable contributors to the professional theatre.

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Schedule of Events

1:30 PM - 2:15 PM:
School of Theatre (Academic Area of Interest Information Session)

During this information session you will learn about the application process, including pre-screen requirements.  There will be time after to answer questions.  If you are interested after you may visit the Theatre Arts Production Studios, Lighting or Sound Lab.

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM:
Lighting and Sound Labs Tour (Academic Area of Interest Information Session)


The PSU School of Theatre Lighting Lab is one of the most advanced and well-equipped theatre lighting training facilities in the country.  The space is set up to resemble a small theatre, with seating for 20 students, an ION control console, 48 dimmers, 3-phase power, and a complete inventory of conventional, LED, and moving lights.  There is a full overhead truss for hanging lights, along with truss booms, a scrim, a cyc, a drop, and other scenic elements for use in the various class exercises.

With the wide variety of equipment and the flexibility of the space, students can recreate any lighting setup possible in any of our theatre spaces, which allows for testing and experimentation with color, angle, texture, and other controllable aspects of light.  The availability of modern control, new LED fixtures and dedicated moving light fixtures was made possible by very generous gifts from Electronic Theatre Controls and Bandit Lites, who support our educational training mission.  The Lab is available exclusively for theatre lighting classes, and for any student working on School of Theatre productions throughout the year.


The Convergence Lab is a full time teaching and student accessible space used for the teaching of sound design and engineering, electronic music, projection design, and show control.

The lab has two different complete sound systems installed for classroom and student use  — one for live sound and one for multichannel networked audio playback. The lab's inventory of equipment and technology dedicated solely to classroom use is as large as most training program's entire inventory.

As the teaching and learning space for one of only three sound design programs in the world that offers a class in show control — the engineering and design principles behind controlling the biggest spectacles and theme parks in the world — the lab serves as the development and testing ground for the School of Theater's bi-annual Haunted House project.


TAPS Studio Tours (Tour)

The Theatre Arts Production Studio (TAPS) located in Academic Activities Building offers a behind the scenes look into the world of theatre magic. TAPS is the home of the School of Theatre’s state of the art production facilities including full service, paint, wood, metal, properties, and costume shops. Staffed year round by experienced craftsman, TAPS offers students hands-on experience in construction and fabrication of theatrical goods, be it costumes, props, or scenery. In addition, also located at TAPS is the theatrical rigging and automation laboratory, the only one of its kind in the country! An extensive lab that gives students a chance to practice theatrical rigging and automation techniques used in theatres around the world.