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“I have a lot of different interests in different areas. That’s why it was important to me to go to a school where I could be undecided and explore different options.”
Sophia Ko
Schreyer Scholar | Divistion of Undergraduate Studies | Women's Club Lacrosse Player

The Penn State tradition is strong within the Ko family, and Sophia Ko is keeping that tradition alive. Her father is an alumnus, and her sister Vienna will soon be receiving her degree from Penn State. While it might seem like Penn State was the obvious choice for Sophia, she wasn’t always certain about where she would go to college.

The Ko sisters are from New Jersey and between the two of them, they have visited many college campuses.

“I was really indecisive. I applied to like fifteen different schools, but every tour I went on, I was always comparing it to Penn State,” said Sophia.

Eventually, Sophia came to the realization that Penn State was the right fit for her, and she joined her sister at the University Park campus this past fall.

Both Ko sisters entered Penn State through the Division of Undergraduate Studies, which is Penn State’s exploratory option for undecided students. The option to explore different academic programs is allowing Sophia to narrow her focus. With Penn State’s more than 275 academic programs, Sophia knows she will eventually land on the perfect program.

In the meantime, she will continue to write her Penn State story.


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