Respond to your offer of admission.

If you choose to attend Penn State – and we hope you will – login to MyPennState and select the “Follow this link to accept your offer of admission” button to take the next step. Please Note: We request students accept their offer by May 1 for summer/fall admission at any campus. If you do not want to attend Penn State, please decline your offer of admission in MyPennState (this is not required, but will indicate to us that you no longer have interest in Penn State).

Summer Programs

Penn State offers unique summer programs for first-year students. Whether you were accepted for summer session and take classes at University Park or wish to participate in a shorter orientation program for fall credit, Penn State provides you the following options:

Learning Edge Academic Program (LEAP)

This program, available to first-year students in the summer session, is a great introduction to Penn State. Note: Students with a fall offer of admission to University Park may participate in LEAP but need to accept their offer and then contact our office to change their acceptance from fall to summer.

AURORA Outdoor Orientation Programs

Choose from four different orientation programs – ORION, URSA, or VEGA – with options for backpacking and community service. These programs provide first-year students with amazing experiences that are excellent preparation for the upcoming school year.


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