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Admissions to Penn State Updates 

Step 1: Choose Your Application Method

Apply through MyPennState

The first step of the application process is to create a MyPennState profile, if you do not have one already. MyPennState is where future students can access the online application.

If you are new to MyPennState, you will need to establish a Penn State Account ID and password, which you will access during the MyPennState profile creation process. Once you have your log in information, you can sign in to begin work on your application.

When creating the profile, please use the name that is on your passport. Because materials are filed alphabetically under the family name on the application, it is important that all correspondence and records consistently use the same name (family and given) and spelling. If this name does not match your academic records, please notify us of the difference. Please note: In the U.S., the family name is usually referred to as the last name, and the given name is referred to as the first name.

Additionally, Penn State requires a current, valid email address, as that is our primary means of communication with international students. To ensure deliverability, please make Penn State ( an eligible sender to the account.

Applying through the Common Application

Applying to Penn State via the Common App is available to first-year (freshman) international students. If applying through the Common App, Penn State will create a MyPennState profile when the application is submitted and you will receive instructions on how to access your profile. If you intend to apply with the Common App, you do not need create a MyPennState profile prior to submitting your application.

The Coalition Application is not available for International Applicants

International students accessing the coalition application will be instructed to choose an alternate application method. We encourage international applicants to apply through the MyPennState Application or the Common Application.