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Nursing (second Degree Option) (NRSD)

Program Transfer Requirements:

Deadline: November 30th

Applicants should submit a School of Nursing application with transcripts, directly to the Undergraduate Admissions Office by November 30th. Please visit the College of Nursing website for more information.

The Second Degree In Nursing

Campus Options:

(Start and Finish: Altoona, Harrisburg):

Major Requirements

Requires a BS or BA degree (with at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA) and completion of all required non-nursing courses for the BS degree (with at least a C or better), including 6 credits of English composition and writing, 3 credits of speech communication, 6 credits of quantification (including statistics), sociology (or other social science), psychology, human development, nutrition, 6 credits of arts, 6 credits of humanities, and the following sciences with labs: chemistry, microbiology, anatomy, and physiology.

General Requirements

The College of Nursing