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Psychology B.S. (PSYBS)

Program Transfer Requirements:

  • Campus Options: (Start at any Campus and Finish: University Park) (Start and Finish at World Campus)
  • Major Requirements: Psychology requires 3 credits in introductory psychology, 3 credits in social or behavioral science, 3 credits in college level math, and 4 credits in statistics or statistics for psychology.

General Requirements

College of the Liberal Arts:

Majors in the College of the Liberal Arts may be started at any Penn State campus and are completed at Penn State University Park.(Unless otherwise noted.) Applicants with less than two years of course work will be asked to start at a Penn State campus and transition to Penn State University Park on completion of the entrance to major requirements for their intended major. Typically at the end of the sophomore year.

General Requirements

World Campus, Penn State Online

Penn State World Campus is the online campus of Penn State. World Campus offers majors that may be started at any Penn State campus and are completed through the World Campus, Penn State Online.(Unless otherwise noted.)

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