PA TRAC: Information for Pennsylvania University or College Transfer Students

Transfer course information for students currently enrolled at a Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education university or a Pennsylvania community college

Transferring Courses to Penn State

Penn State has created a database of key courses that are commonly transferred and their equivalent courses at institutions within the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education or community colleges in Pennsylvania. The Penn State courses for which we provide the evaluations are:

  • ENGL 015: Rhetoric and Composition
  • CAS 100: Effective Speech
  • ECON 002: Introductory Microeconomic Analysis and Policy
  • ECON 004: Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy
  • SOC 001: Introductory Sociology
  • PL SC 001: Introduction to American National Government
  • PSYCH 100: Introductory Psychology
  • HIST 020: American Civilization to 1877
  • HIST 021: American Civilization Since 1877
  • PHIL 001: Basic Problems of Philosophy
  • ART H 100: Introduction to Art
  • MUSIC 005: An Introduction to Western Music 

Courses at Other Universities and Colleges

Review the courses at your current Pennsylvania institution that are eligible to transfer for credit as the Penn State courses outlined above. In addition, be sure to review the guidelines for transferring credit to ensure that they are transferrable.

PA TRAC Transfer Credit Evaluations