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Hello, future.

Even though you're closer to the beginning of your high school days than the end, it's never too early to start thinking about college.

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 2020 Wow, what a year. Adapting to new ways of doing things, and looking ahead to what the future holds. I got this email from Penn State and took a minute to answer a few questions. Now I can get back to what I was doing.


 2021  Focusing on schoolwork. Sort of forgot I signed up for Penn State updates until receiving a few reminders when I needed them. Learning more about Penn State campuses.


 2022  Senior year. High school graduation! Applied to several different schools, but I’m going with Penn State as my No. 1 choice #PSU2026.


 2023  First year at Penn State. Most of my Gen. Eds. are finished. Time to focus on my major. I’ve made lots of friends. The resident hall experience has been interesting.


 2024  Thinking about an internship. Good to know Penn State is ranked No. 5 among corporate recruiters.


 2025  Senior year, hyper-focused on my major, and even got to participate in a research proposal. I’m sending out resumes and going to job fairs. That internship seems to have paid off! Getting job offers even before I’ve graduated.


 2026  Graduation. New job. Penn State alum. I knew I could do it, but still a proud achievement. Reminds me of that email I got back in high school. #WEARE

Hello, future.

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