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Admissions to Penn State Updates 

Adopt a High School

Our "Adopt a High School" involvement is essentially an expansion of LionsROAR. If you were to Adopt a High School, you would still be responsible for contacting accepted students at your specific high school, but you would also have more responsibilities and touch points with those students throughout the year. 

During the Fall when we are heavily recruiting the current seniors, you would have the opportunity to call or email students and connect with them as an alumni. You would also be responsible for dropping off admissions brochures to your adopted high school. If a counselor is available when you drop off the material, you can introduce yourself as an alumni volunteer that is an additional Penn State resource in the local area. 

As we move into the winter months after students receive their acceptance, you would continue to reach out to students via LionsROAR, which is so important to yielding our students. Our hope is that you would have built a strong relationship with this high school throughout the year and contacting students upon their acceptance will give the sense of an even more personalized institution despite Penn State's size. This would also be an opportunity for you to share your own Penn State story via email to students as another touch point to foster the relationship. Students so often ask about student life on campus and ways to get involved and hearing from a fellow Penn Stater is exactly what they want to know! 

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