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Ask an Alum

We often get questions from students asking if they can speak to a Penn Stater who studied in their field, and we want to connect you with students who can benefit from your personal experience! Prospective students will have the ability to fill out a form through our website if they are interested in speaking to an alum. The student will fill out what major they're interested in, clubs or activities they are curious about, and any other questions they may have. Our Recruitment Team will then go through the student submissions and match appropriate students with you based on your experience when you were on campus! Our hope is that we can match students and alumni with the exact same majors/interests, but you may also speak with students who fall within your general area of study. You will also likely be speaking with students outside of your local area, as these conversations will happen via email and phone. Once our team matches you with a student, your Territory Manager will reach out and provide you with the student's contact information!

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