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Admissions to Penn State Updates 


LionsROAR is the name we use to describe our outreach to accepted students. It is a way for our alumni volunteers to welcome newly accepted students into the Penn State family, congratulate them on their offer of admission, be a resource for quick questions, offer students the chance to connect with proud Penn Staters, and demonstrate that a large university can still be personable. This is organized through a portal where each alum logs in and sees a list of students from schools around their area. Each alum would then reach out via email to welcome and congratulate the student on their Penn State offer. We have also done this outreach via handwritten postcards in the past. This provided an even more personalized touch for our accepted students.

In order to get started, please reach out to the territory manager for your state. Include your full name, email, ideal number of students to write, and a few schools you would like to request.

We think LionsROAR is vitally important to the success of yielding students to say yes to Penn State!


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