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Admissions to Penn State Updates 

Written and Video Testimonial

Similar to your MyPennState story, this is an opportunity to share your experience as to why Penn State was the right choice for you, and also why you enjoy being a volunteer for admissions. There are two different viewpoints you can take when providing a testimonial: First, you can provide one for incoming students. Feel free to share information about your major, favorite class or organization you joined, your memories of attending sporting events, or anything in between that could get them excited about attending Penn State. Second, you can provide one for other alumni volunteers. We always welcome new volunteers and hearing a first-hand experience allow alumni to see the impact they could have. Both of these testimonials can be offered in a written or video format that will be added to our website. Please keep these to a brief sentence or two.

Connect with the Alumni Volunteer Program

Alumni Admissions Volunteer Program
Undergraduate Admissions Office
The Pennsylvania State University
201 Shields Building
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P: 814-865-5471

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