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Find out all of the information you need as a future student wishing to apply to Penn State, or review the resources available for other audiences.

Future Students
Future Students

Research everything you need to know about applying to Penn State based on the type of student you are. You can find information on requirements, steps to apply, dates, and more.

Accepted Students
Accepted Students

Congratulations on your offer of admission! This section includes information about the steps you need to take to join the Penn State family.

Online Learners
Online Learners

A Penn State education doesn't just have to happen in the classroom. Online learners can earn their degree from Penn State and experience the lifetime of value that it offers.

Information for School Counselors
School Counselors

School counselors play an important role in the application process, and Penn State hopes to make things as simple as possible for you and your students.

Information for Parents and Families
Parents & Families

This section contains information to help parents assess whether Penn State is the right fit for their student and connect to resources for parents at Penn State.

College Planning for 7th-11th Grade Students
7th-11th Grade Students

It's never too early to begin preparing for college. We have some advice and resources to help you wherever you are in the process.

Current Penn State Students
Current Students

Information and resources for students currently enrolled at Penn State.

Returning Students
Returning Students

Information for students who were once enrolled at Penn State and wish to return to the University.

Penn State Alumni

As alumni, you know the value of being in the Penn State family. We love it when you share your Penn State pride with prospective students.