Undergraduate Admissions

Clubs and Organizations

Get involved. Penn State offers over 1200 student clubs and organizations.

Get involved. It is something we encourage all new and current Penn Staters to do, but truthfully, that is what Penn State students are all about: involvement. With a school spirit that immediately is felt the moment you step on campus, Penn State fosters an environment that encourages students to connect with their community, make an impact, and pursue their passions through the over 1,200 clubs and organizations available across our 20 campuses.

While a student's focus at Penn State is certainly on academics, our network of clubs and organizations help to expand students' horizons outside of the classroom, giving them opportunities for leadership and engagement beyond what is learned in the academic setting. Whether they are raising millions of dollars through THON, planning entertainment events for other students through organizations like the Student Programming Association, or competing through the Quidditch Club, Penn State students find a rich and diverse social community that further develops their interests and introduces them to new opportunities for involvement.

With over 1,200 clubs and organizations, there is something for everyone, including:

  • musical groups and performing arts organizations
  • student government organizations
  • academic and professional interest clubs
  • philanthropic and service-oriented clubs
  • multicultural and international organizations
  • fraternities and sororities, both social and academic
  • special-interest groups
  • athletics at all levels, including clubs, intramurals, club sports, and varsity athletics (NCAA Division I and III and USCAA athletics)

Penn State offers the ideal environment to get involved, have fun, make a difference, and expand your academic and extracurricular interests. To see what future involvement is in store for you, call or visit your campus of interest or check out Penn State's Index of Student Organizations to explore all of your options.