Dual Admissions Program

Penn State's Commonwealth Campuses have partnered with Pennsylvania Community Colleges to provide a seamless Dual Admissions Program for students seeking to complete a four-year degree at Penn State. 

We know there are a number of reasons students consider transferring from their current college or university. You may have concerns about transferring current course work, meeting program prerequisites, managing timelines, and more.

Penn State's Commonwealth Campuses have partnered with Pennsylvania Community Colleges to provide a seamless transfer process for students seeking to complete a four-year degree at Penn State. Students in this program can be advised by a Penn State admissions counselor as well as advising at your Pennsylvania Community College.

Dual Admissions Process

Students who are currently enrolled in a Pennsylvania Community College and planning to attend one of Penn State's Commonwealth Campuses are eligible to apply to this program. You can participate by submitting a Dual Admissions Form during any semester that you are enrolled at your Pennsylvania Community College. You will receive a conditional offer of admission to a Penn State Commonwealth Campus and will be assigned a Penn State User ID and login.  During the last semester of enrollment at the community college you will submit a transfer application and official transcripts from your community college and any other colleges or universities attended via MyPennState Portal.

Take the following steps to participate in the Dual Admissions Program:

  1. Complete the Dual Admissions Form

    Provide Penn State with some brief information to let us know you intend to enroll.

    Dual Admissions Form

  2. Participate in semester-by-semester advising

    Work with your Pennsylvania Community College advising staff as you prepare for the transition to Penn State to complete your four-year degree.

  3. Submit your Penn State Application

    Submit your MyPennState Application during the last semester you are enrolled at your community college. Be sure to request an application fee waiver from your Penn State admissions counselor before you submit your application.

    MyPennState Application

  4. Provide your Pennsylvania Community College transcripts

    Send official transcripts to Penn State from your community college and any other post-secondary institution where coursework was attempted.

    Transcripts can be sent through mail or fax, or electronically through email, Parchment, the National Student Clearinghouse or SCOIR directly to Penn State from the college/university where course work was attempted. If your school requires an email address to send a transcript electronically, please use admissions@psu.edu.

Penn State Students

Earn Penn State Scholarships

Students can start earning a Penn State RaiseMe scholarship while you are attending your Pennsylvania community college. Earn micro-scholarships for things you’re already doing.  When you transfer to Penn State, your micro-scholarships will be converted to a Penn State scholarship.

RaiseMe Transfer Information

Dual Admissions Requirements

Students who complete an Associate in Arts (AA), Associate in Science (AS), or Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in a transfer degree program, are in good standing, and have a minimum grade-point average of 2.00 are guaranteed admission to a degree program completed at one of Penn State's 19 commonwealth campus locations. Criteria for transfer admission to academic programs may also include successful completion of specific course requirements.

Students will be asked to notify Penn State of any criminal history prior to enrollment. A prior criminal history issue will not necessarily disqualify a student from attending Penn State but may may make their application subject to further review. Students admitted under this agreement who seek to enter a major at another Penn State college/campus, would be evaluated based on the advanced standing admissions criteria of that college and campus.

Eligible Pennsylvania Community Colleges

Pennsylvania has 15 public community colleges located throughout the commonwealth. Students enrolled or intending to enroll at any one of these community colleges are eligible to participate in the Dual Admissions Program with Penn State: