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Admissions to Penn State Updates 

Understanding Your Transfer Credit

Credits from another institution can transfer into Penn State in a variety of ways. Your adviser in your academic college will determine how your transferred credits may be used to fulfill degree requirements.

Penn State Credit Equivalencies

Course Number:

An incoming course is a direct equivalent to a Penn State course (ex. ENGL 015).

General Education:

An incoming course that fulfills a general education requirement.

  • XFRGA - Arts Courses
  • XFRGH - Humanities Courses
  • XFRGHW - Health and Wellness Courses
  • XFRGN - Natural Sciences Courses
  • XFRGS - Social and Behavioral Sciences Courses
  • XFRGQ - General Quantification Courses
  • XFRGWS - General Writing/Speaking Courses
  • XFRIL - International Cultures Courses
  • XFRUS - United States Cultures Courses

Courses with Multiple Attributes, Including Inter-Domain

Courses with multiple attributes and Inter-Domain courses may fulfill more than one general education requirement.

Review course designations


General Education with Level Equivalent:

An incoming course that fulfills a general education requirement and meets an academic level (XFRGA0, XFRGH1, XFRGN2, XFRGS3, XFRGA4, etc).

Level Course Equivalent:

An incoming course that is not a direct equivalent that has been assigned a level designation (XFR000, XFR100, XFR200, XFR300, and XFR400).

General Course:

An incoming course that is not a direct equivalent or has not been assigned a level or general education designation (ex. XFRGEN, XFRCNV). Please work with your academic department to determine usability of credits within your degree program.


An incoming course that cannot be used in any area and does not meet the standard of a Penn State transfer course.

Pending Review:

An incoming course that upon receipt of the course syllabus will be submitted for departmental review and equivalency determination (XFRPEN).

Note: Syllabi are not required if you've attended Military Service Schools (Joint Services Transcript). Undergraduate Admissions will submit syllabi on your behalf.