Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and organizations are about community, engagement and finding your place at Penn State.

At Penn State, life happens on your time.

This isn't just about getting involved. At Penn State, clubs and organizations are about finding what matters to you, who you want to be, and how you want to live your life.

Want something to cheer about? Intramural sports, club teams, and varsity athletics are here for you.

Looking for a stage? Theater companies, improv groups, and musical ensembles will put you front and center.

Looking for people who share your interests? Professional societies, special interest clubs, service groups, and social fraternities and sororities bring people together.

Looking for more?

There is a multi-million-dollar investment portfolio to manage.

An award-winning student-run newspaper to publish.

And the world’s largest student-run philanthropy to take on the fight against pediatric cancer.

This is about spending your time, being involved, making a difference, creating something new, leaving a mark.

Opportunities abound at each of our 20 undergraduate campuses.

Find your niche. Find your passion.

All part of life. At Penn State.

Student Organizations

Check out student activities offered at each of our 20 undergraduate campuses.

Student Organizations