Penn State Tuition and Costs

We know costs are an important factor in any decision to invest in a college education. We want to help you to make an informed choice.

Penn State Tuition

Below are the most recent tuition rates with room and board estimates for an academic year (fall and spring semesters). These costs are set by the Board of Trustees each year in July. We encourage students and families to budget for additional cost including travel, personal expenses, books and supplies. Penn State's tuition rates vary by campus, program, student level, and residency.

Please visit the Office of Summer Session website to see an estimate of the costs for Penn State's summer session.

2023-2024 Penn State Costs: University Park (for Estimating Purposes Only)
Penn State University Park PA Resident Non-PA Resident International
Tuition and Fees $19,672 $39,626 $41,126
Room and Meals $12,984 $12,984 $12,984
TOTAL $32,656 $52,610 $54,110
2023-24 Penn State Costs: Commonwealth Campuses (for Estimating Purposes Only)
Commonwealth Campuses PA Resident Non-PA Resident International
Tuition and Fees $13,824 - 15,388 $23,316 - 26,112  $24,716 - 27,612 
Room and Meals $12,984 $12,984 $12,984
TOTAL $26,808-28,372 $36,300-39,096 $37,700-40,596

All World Campus students pay the same tuition rate, regardless of residency. Visit the World Campus website for tuition details.

Cost Tools

Penn State provides several tools to help you estimate the costs associated with earning a degree. We encourage students to use them in order to have a better understanding of the true cost of attendance.

College Cost Calculator

This tool provides an estimate of the essential costs associated with attending Penn State, allowing for customization for a more accurate reflection of individual costs.

Go to College Cost Calculator

Tuition website

With this tool, you can calculate tuition based on campus and residency.

Go to tuition website

Housing and Food Services

Research the room and meal rates for each campus.

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Penn State Global

Financial information for international students interested in attending Penn State.

Penn State Global