As a public research institution in the top 1 percent of universities worldwide, Penn State offers a top-tier education with access to expert faculty and unique academic experiences.

Penn State Majors

Penn State offers more than 275 majors, with four-year degrees offered at all 20 of our undergraduate campuses.

Academic Colleges

Academic colleges at Penn State grant degrees and are generally organized around their subject matter.


The Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) is for students who are exploring options in more than one major or academic college.

Schreyer Honors College

Penn State's Schreyer Honors College is widely recognized as one of the top undergraduate honors programs in the country.

Academic Credit

Penn State can award credit to future students for previous college work completed, examinations, and other experience.

Study Abroad

The world awaits. Every year thousands of Penn State students and faculty engage the world through academic programs, research, service, internships, and cultural immersion abroad. Personal development, new knowledge and enhanced perspective drives global impact.