Study Abroad

Hundreds of options around the globe allow more than 2,000 Penn Staters each year to participate in study abroad programs.

Study Abroad Options

Student teach in Sweden. Study Mechanical Engineering in China. Excavate in the Nile Delta. Sometimes the most influential learning takes place out of the classroom, as well as out of the country. Penn State provides many options if you wish to study abroad—although we know it will be hard to leave campus!

Semester Abroad

Fall, spring, or summer, Penn State features almost 300 programs for students in approximately 50 countries. Whenever you want to study, wherever you want to study, you will clearly have options. And, our University Office of Global Programs is here to assist you as you find your program, figure out your schedule, and plan for your experience.

Embedded Programs

Can’t leave the country for an entire semester, but still want to have an international experience? Consider an embedded program with a much shorter travel component. Embedded programs are Penn State classes that students take while on campus, but they feature a required travel portion that typically occurs over breaks or at the end of the term. These programs offer students a chance to go abroad if they cannot fit a more traditional term abroad in their schedule.


The University Fellowships Office helps Penn State students with the process of obtaining scholarships and fellowships, many of which are international. Penn State is one of the top producing schools of Fulbright grant recipients each year, a program which provides students funds to study, research, or teach abroad after college graduation.

Penn State encourages its students to think globally, and a study abroad program is the perfect opportunity to experience new cultures and academic challenges. Learn more about study abroad on the University Office of Global Programs website.

Study Abroad

If you would like to study abroad while at Penn State, start researching our programs now with the Office of Global Programs. When you get to campus, be sure to meet with your academic adviser to start planning your international experience.

Office of Global Programs