Campus World Campus

Campus World Campus

Penn State World Campus is the online campus of Penn State. Its mission is making sure you have access to a quality academic experience, even if you have job and family obligations to fulfill. If you would prefer to learn in an engaging online environment rather than at one of our brick-and-mortar campuses, we'll bring our campus to you.

Penn State World Campus offers the convenience and flexibility of learning online—anytime, anywhere. Courses taken online are the same as those taken at any other campus in the Penn State system. Your degree and transcript will be identical to those earned by our on-campus learners.

Campus Facts


Penn State World Campus is the online campus of Penn State. Students do not need to live at a physical campus while enrolled in the Penn State World Campus.


14,700 attend classes here.

Clubs & Organizations

15 Clubs & Organizations


Penn State World Campus offers more than 39 baccalaureate degrees, 7 associate degrees, 51 master's degrees, and one doctorate degree that can be completed entirely online.

Upcoming Events

Please visit the Penn State World Campus Calendar to view upcoming webinar events.

Campus Majors

Penn State offers more than 275 majors, with four-year degrees offered at all 20 of our undergraduate campuses.

2+2 Plan

Starting a program at a Commonwealth Campus and completing at University Park. The most common path to a Penn State degree.