Student Support

Penn State provides essential student support services at all 20 undergraduate campuses.

Strength in numbers.

Penn State is a big place. Its sheer size--nearly 70,000 undergraduates at 20 campuses throughout Pennsylvania--and the scope of its programs makes for thousands of opportunities and choices.

That's a good thing.

What's even better is that if you need help navigating some of those opportunities or making smart, informed choices or maybe even just making life a little more manageable, we have services in place that can help.

Whether you need practical advice--maybe tutoring for a particular course or someone to help get you ready for a job interview--or a caring, nurturing environment, we have the resources that can provide you with the support that will help you make the most of your Penn State experience.

Tap into support whenever you need it. Put our strength--and the number of different resources and services we provide--to your advantage.