International Students

You are an international student if you require any type of visa to attend Penn State. This includes students living inside and outside the United States.

Admissions for International Students

We know that researching schools from another country can be difficult. You are trying to find a university that offers high-quality academics, as well as the support services you need as an international student. You can find all that—and more—at Penn State. Join the over 7,000 international undergraduate students that call Penn State home.

Am I an International Applicant?

International Student Classification

You are an international student if you require any type of visa in order to attend Penn State.

Each year, Penn State sees an increase in the number of applications from international applicants. We enroll thousands of international students from over 130 different countries. International students make up approximately 10% of all undergraduate students at Penn State, making for a truly diverse University.

International students, both first-year and transfer, have different admissions requirements they must meet, so how do you know if you are an international applicant?

In addition, students applying for a green card are considered international students until Penn State receives a copy of the green card or I-551 stamp.

Penn State International Student Brochure Cover: This Is Your Chance To Run The Future.

Penn State Publications

You can learn more about Penn State through at our Penn State Publications page. There, you will find a brochure specifically for international students.

Penn State Publications

Important Message about Agents and Consultants

Penn State recognizes that agents or consultants are retained in many parts of the world to assist students in applying to colleges and universities in the United States. However, Penn State does not partner with agents to help represent the University or to administer any part of the application process. The engagement of agents or private organizations for the purpose of recruiting or enrolling international students is not endorsed by Penn State. Agents who may be retained by students to help with the application process are not recognized as representatives of the University and do not have a contractual agreement or partnership to represent Penn State. Students interested in Penn State are encouraged to contact Undergraduate Admissions Office representatives by sending an email to