Application Review Process for International Students

Penn State requires specific supplemental materials in order to accurately review international student applications. 

Application Submission

We recommend that international students submit a complete application, including all required materials, to Penn State by the preferred filing date outlined for their applicant type on our Dates and Deadlines page. Completing your application by this date gives you the best chance of admission to your first choice campus and/or major.

Penn State will not review a student’s application until all of the application requirements have arrived. If you have not sent us all of the required materials, like proof of English language proficiency, we cannot evaluate your application. You can check MyPennState to check the status of your application and to verify the receipt of all of your materials.

Application Evaluation

While there are some additional components of an international student’s application that Penn State evaluates, the application review process is very similar to that of a domestic student, based on their applicant type.

First-Year International Applicants

The application evaluation for first-year international students is a comprehensive review, focusing on all of the required credentials of the application.

In reviewing a first-year application, we look for students who have successfully completed courses or examinations in the core subjects of mathematics, physical science, social science, and language in all years of high school. Students who have not successfully completed these courses may not be eligible for admission to Penn State.

First-year international students may receive offers for summer session at University Park, or they may receive an offer of admission to a campus other than University Park. For more information on these application options, read more on the application review process for first-year students

Transfer International Applicants

The application evaluation for transfer international students is based on the student’s post-secondary coursework. In addition to establishing proof of English language proficiency, international students have to meet the transfer requirements for their intended program and campus of interest. Visit the transfer student section for admissions requirements.