Undergraduate Admissions

Information for Military Students and Veteran Students

Penn State would like to thank you for your service to our nation. As you consider your future, Penn State is here to help you successfully pursue your educational endeavors. Whether you are actively serving in the military, or you are in the reserves, a veteran, or a military family member, we are very proud that you are considering Penn State and we look forward to having you join the Penn State family.

We are committed to supporting you, as we do all of our students, while you invest in your education. As military and veteran students, you have access to a great support system at Penn State and a number of valuable resources, which you can find here: Resources for Military/Veteran Students.

If you are interested in starting or continuing your degree at Penn State, we are happy to outline the important next steps you need to take on your path towards becoming a Penn State student. Please refer to the information below and feel free to contact us with any further questions you might have.

What type of student am I as actively serving military or a veteran?

Actively serving military students and veteran students are considered adult learners. Penn State defines an adult learner as a student who is:

  • 24 years of age or older; or
  • a veteran or actively serving member of the armed services; or
  • returning to school after four or more years of employment, homemaking, or other activity; or
  • assuming multiple adult roles such as parent, spouse/partner, employee and student.

Penn State Admissions Process

If you have completed 18 or more credits at an accredited institution of higher education, please also see information for transfer students.