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“You don’t have to be a rich person to experience the life you want to lead.”

Stephanie Keyaka had a ten-year plan. She had her eyes set on a specific college and saw herself going to law school after completing her undergraduate degree. That all changed when she toured Penn State.

“I saw myself in my Penn State tour guide. All throughout the tour people were yelling ‘We Are’ and I realized people are so happy here,” said Stephanie. She found Penn State to be the perfect fusion of top-tier academics and vibrant student life that made Stephanie realize it was the right fit for her.

Stephanie is about to round out her Penn State undergraduate studies with double majors in Political Science and Women Studies, and a minor in African Studies. She will be sticking around for another year at the University as an Integrated Undergraduate/Graduate student studying International Affairs.

She no longer plans to attend law school, but instead, Stephanie is setting her sights on making a global impact pursuing international humanitarian crisis and response work.

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