Requirements for Homeschool Students

Information for applicants who are participating or have participated in a homeschool program.


Admissions Standards

All prospective students, whether in a high school or a homeschool program, will be subject to the same admissions standards.

Homeschool Requirements

Below are the basic admission requirements for all applicants, though depending on the major you choose, you may have to fulfill additional requirements.

  • Academic coursework prerequisites
  • Level of achievement (grade-point average)
  • Standardized tests (SAT or ACT)

    Penn State will be test-optional through summer/fall 2025. First-year Penn State applicants are able to chose whether to submit SAT or ACT scores as part of their applications.

  • Proof of graduation: Final high school transcript with a school administrator signature and indication of a graduation date.

Since some students in homeschool programs may not follow a traditional high school curriculum, we may request further detailed documentation of their high school coursework and evaluations of progress as needed.

If you have already enrolled in or plan to enroll in any academic program in addition to high school (for example, college-level courses through a local college or university), please submit those credentials with your application in addition to the coursework documentation. Accredited program credits may be transferable to Penn State.