Penn State requires the submission of specific academic credentials to complete your application. Review the secondary and post-secondary requirements for your country below.

Country: Belize

If you are a first year student applying to Penn State:

Click Apply to start your Penn State application. Before starting, you can also review the Applying Online Worksheet for more details and helpful hints about the application.

Your application work can be saved at each step of the process by clicking the Save and Continue button at the bottom of the page. This feature will allow you to move back and forth within the application or log off and return to complete your application at a later time.

After completing your Academic History, you will need to provide your Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR). As you begin the SRAR process, a new window will open allowing you to complete your SRAR. SRAR will focus on your high school coursework. It is important that this step is a complete and accurate representation of your school record. Therefore, have a copy of your secondary school records available as you complete your SRAR. 

Enter final examination scores of Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC).  Include all exam scores from all attempts.  For all remaining years of secondary school work, enter final scores from your internal courses, as well as your current year schedule of courses (if applicable).  Be sure to select the most appropriate "grade source" for each year based on the educational system your curriculum follows.

After completing your SRAR, you will be directed back to the Penn State application in order to complete the Program of Study portion of the application. Here, you will indicate your desired starting semester, your intended program of study, and your starting and ending campus. For further details on how to complete this portion based on your applicant type, please see the steps to apply for first-year students.

After completing this section of the application, you will provide some additional information, an activities resume, and a personal statement. You will be able to paste in this information from other sources, but note that the formatting may not always paste in as intended

If you are a transfer student applying to Penn State:

All international transfer students will be required to submit official high school transcripts in order to complete the application. International transfer students will not complete the Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) for either their high school or college coursework.

If you have accepted your offer of admission to Penn State:

Submit official copy of Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) Carribean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) and Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE), if applicable.

International Students Studying in the U.S.

If all of your high school coursework was completed in the U.S., you will enter your grades on the Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR). Official transcripts will be required if you receive and accept an offer of admission.

If you have U.S. and international schooling, please refer to the credentials page for your country to determine whether or not you can complete SRAR.