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Dates & Deadlines for Adult Students

Penn State has adult learners at all campuses. Review when to apply based on your applicant type or desired program. 

Application Information for Adult Students and Military Students

In general, Penn State applicants are evaluated on a rolling admissions basis. Some academic programs have limited enrollment, specific application dates, or program eligibility requirements. Adult learners have to meet the deadlines outlined for their student status and/or chosen program.

Please submit a complete application (including all supplemental materials, like transcripts) by the established date. If you have specific questions regarding your intended program, please contact your campus of interest for preferred filing dates and program information.

Please refer to the information below to determine your application timeline.

First-year students, which are students with 17 or fewer credits of college coursework following high school graduation, have the following application dates:

  • Summer/Fall Admission
    • Application Available: August 1
    • Priority Application Date: November 30
  • Spring Admission
    • Application Available: June 1
    • Priority Application Date: November 1

Please see Dates & Deadlines under First-Year Students for more information.

If you have already completed 18 or more credits of college coursework, regardless of when you took those credits, you will need to apply as a transfer student. Some of our programs have required application deadlines for transfer students, and our campuses may feature different deadlines for some degree programs.

For all of our transfer student deadlines, visit Dates & Deadlines for Transfer Students.

Students interested in pursuing a degree through World Campus, regardless of whether they are a first-year or transfer student, must provide Penn State with a complete application by the deadlines below:

  • Fall admission: June 30
  • Spring admission: October 31
  • Summer admission: March 15

These deadlines for complete applications at World Campus are firm. Please visit for more information.

Students who require any type of visa to attend Penn State are considered international students. While international students have different recommended filing dates for their applications, some of Penn State’s programs still have deadlines to which all students must adhere regardless of a student’s country of origin or applicant type.

For all of our international student deadlines, visit Dates & Deadlines for International Students.