Alert Date to Accept Offers of Admission Extended to May 15

Penn State will extend its offer acceptance deadline from May 1 to May 15, 2024, for incoming first-year students enrolling in the summer or fall 2024 terms.
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Application Review Process for Adult, Military & Veteran Students

What happens after you submit your application to Penn State? Learn more about our application review process.

Application Submission

We recommend that adult and military students submit a complete application, including all required materials, to Penn State by the preferred filing date outlined for their applicant type on our Dates and Deadlines page. Completing your application by this date gives you the best chance of admission to your first choice campus and/or major.

Penn State will not review a student’s application until all of the application requirements have arrived. If you have not sent us all of the required materials, like transcripts from all institutions attended, we cannot evaluate your application. You can check MyPennState to check the status of your application and to verify the receipt of all of your materials.

Application Evaluation

The application review for adult learners and military/veteran students is dependent on the student's applicant type, the details of which are outlined below. 

First-Year Applicants

The application evaluation for first-year adult learners and military students is a comprehensive review, focusing on all of the required credentials of the application.

Adult learners are not required to send Penn State official test scores, so the review for first-year students is largely based on the student's high school record. Applicants are expected to have met the minimum high school requirements to be eligible for enrollment.

If you have not met all of the minimum high school requirements for your intended program, we will contact you regarding your options. Please review the high school course requirements:

Transfer Applicants

The application evaluation for transfer adult learners and military students is based on the student’s post-secondary coursework, in addition to the verification of the minimum high school requirements listed above. 

In order to be eligible for admission as a transfer student, applicants need to meet the high school requirements, any GPA minimum for the program and/or campus, any specific application deadline (if applicable), and any other campus and/or program requirements. Some Penn State programs have specific academic course prerequisites that students need to meet to be eligible for their intended major. For more details on eligibility requirements, select an option below:

Meeting all of the established criteria is not a guarantee of admission to the program. For a full description of the transfer process, as well as details on requirements and program elibility, visit the transfer student section.