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Admissions to Penn State Updates 

Data Sciences, Statistical Modeling Data Sciences (DTSCS_BS)

Program Transfer Requirements:

Campus Options:
(Start at any campus and Finish: University Park)

Major Requirements:
Not Available for transfer admission.

Statistical Modeling Data Sciences - This option focuses on statistical models and methods that are needed to discover and validate patterns in Big Data. Students in this option will take upper-level statistics and mathematics courses, learning to apply the theoretical machinery of quantitative models to the solution of real-world problems involving Big Data.

General Requirements

Eberly College of Science

Majors in the Eberly College of Science may be started at any Penn State campus and are completed at Penn State University Park. (Unless otherwise noted.) Applicants with less than two years of course work will be asked to start at a Penn State campus and transition to Penn State University Park on completion of the entrance to major requirements for their intended major. Typically at the end of the sophomore year.