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Kinesiology (KINAL_BS)

Program Transfer Requirements:

Campus Options:
(Start at any Campus and Finish: Altoona)

Major Requirements:
No additional requirements.

MOVEMENT SCIENCE OPTION: This option provides interdisciplinary scientific training in academic areas such as biomechanics, exercise physiology, movement neuroscience, psychology of physical activity, and sport history and philosophy to understand movement for prevention and diagnosis of chronic disease, rehabilitation and treatment, and/or theoretical study. Students are prepared for graduate study in many clinical fields including medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, physical assistant, cardiac rehabilitation, as well as a broad range of careers in biomedical and health-related fields.

EXERCISE SCIENCE OPTION: This option is a program of study in the science of exercise. This program offers Kinesiology background and applied experience in fitness assessment, exercise physiology, exercise psychology, motor skill development, nutrition and healthy living skills. Graduates will be able to scientifically assess fitness levels of individuals. Analyzing those assessments, graduates will then be capable of designing and implementing appropriate exercise programs. Students in the Business Emphasis will select courses from a department list that will enhance their opportunity for graduate studies in Kinesiology related fields, Physical Therapy and Medical schools. The completion of the Exercise Science Option will enable graduates to compete for employment in the corporate fitness arena, private fitness clubs, cummunity-based fitness organizations, hospital and university settings or possibly to operate their own health and fitness company.