Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) relating to General Penn State information and the Undergraduate Admissions process.

How do I apply to Penn State?

Penn State has 20 undergraduate campus locations in the state of Pennsylvania. Students have two options when applying to Penn State University Park, one of our commonwealth campus locations or to an online program at our World Campus. Students may apply to Penn State using either the MyPennState application, or through the CommonApp. Penn State holds no preference between the two methods and encourages students to use the method which works best for them. Review our Application Information for admission requirements and steps to apply.

What is the deadline to apply?

The deadlines for submitting an application may vary depending on your applicant type and the semester you interested in enrolling at Penn State. Please review a common list of admissions dates and deadlines to help you stay on track in the application process. 

I've already applied. How do I add the Schreyer Honors College Application?

Students already having an application on file can add the Schreyer Honors College Application through their MyPennState portal up until any posted deadlines. Please review our Schreyer Honors College information for application instructions and deadline information.

How many majors does Penn State offer?

Penn State offers more than 275 majors, with four-year degrees offered at all 20 of our undergraduate campuses and online at our World Campus. Explore our academic majors to learn more about our academic programs and campus options.

What are the admission requirements for Penn State?

Penn State has basic admission requirements for two-year and four-year degrees, as well as the additional requirements for special programs. Depending on your applicant type, additional requirements may also need to be met.

Admission Requirements by Applicant Type:

What campuses offer housing at Penn State?

Student housing is available at many Penn State campuses. Find more information on the admissions housing page or by contacting the campus of interest directly.

Does Penn State have 2-year degrees?

Penn State offers a variety of 2-year associate degrees. Explore the available programs offered by campus location.

Do I have to be interviewed to be admitted?

There is not an interview process for standard undergraduate admissions at Penn State. The accelerated Pre-medical/Medical program has an interview portion for selected candidates.

How do I update a mistake on my application?

Once an application is submitted, students will need to contact for any updates they wish to make.

How do I withdraw my application?

Please email with any request to withdraw an application.

What is my Penn State ID?

Students will be assigned a unique Penn State ID number associated with their application record. This number is used in communications throughout the admissions process. Once enrolled, a Penn State Student ID number will continue to be used for identification purposes through a variety of university systems.

What do I do if I can't log in to MyPennState?

For help logging into your MyPennState portal, please visit the account access assistance page

What clubs are available at Penn State?

Penn State offers a variety of clubs and organizations at all 20 undergraduate campus locations. Please review clubs and organization information to help finding your place at Penn State.

How do I order football tickets?

Student football tickets are available through Penn State Athletics. Visit the go.psu.sports site to purchase tickets for sporting events.

Is there public transportation on campus?

Yes! All Penn State campuses have a variety of transportation options. Check out Transportation Services at University Park for more details or connect with the Penn State Commonwealth campuses for information at specific locations.

What are resources for active-duty military members or veterans?

A variety of resources are available to Penn State's military and veteran students. The Office of Veterans Affairs provides additional resources to help ease your transition as you become a Penn State student and pave the way for your academic and career success. 

Is Penn State Division 1?

Penn State University Park has a variety of Division 1 athletics and is as a member of the Big Ten Conference. Learn more about available sports through the Penn State Athletics site. Additional athletic opportunities are available at the Penn State commonwealth campuses at various competition levels. Visit the Pennsylvania State University Athletic Conference (PSUAC) site for more information.

Can I get a refund on my application fee?

All application fees are non-refundable.

How do I contact the admissions office?

Reach Penn State Undergraduate Admissions at or (814) 865-5471. General Penn State questions can be addressed at (814) 865-4700.
Review a full listing of Penn State Admissions contact information to reach a specific Penn State Campus admissions office or connect with Penn State Admissions resources.  

Do you have an academic calendar?

Penn State's academic calendar is available through the University Registrar website.

Do you have foreign language requirements?

All students are required to graduate with a minimum of 2 units of foreign language. This may be satisfied with High School units or taken while a student at Penn State. Please review our admission requirements for more information.

Can I take classes without pursuing a degree?

Yes, students may attend Penn State as non-degree seeking students. Please review our steps for current nondegree students who want to apply for admission into a degree program at Penn State.

Can I apply if I was homeschooled?

Yes, students who were homeschooled may apply to Penn State. Please review our admission requirements for applicants who are participating or have participated in a homeschool program.

Is Penn State public or private?

Penn State is a public, non-profit University.

What are the meal plans at Penn State?

Penn State offers a variety of meal plans and dining options for students. Review our dining Information to explore dining options available at various Penn State campuses. 

What are Penn State's dining options?

Convenient dining options can be found on each Penn State campus including dining commons, food courts, cafeterias, cafes, convenience stores, and of course Penn State's Berkey Creamery.

What is the mailing address for Penn State Undergraduate Admissions?

Penn State Undergraduate Admissions can be reached by mail at 201 Shields Building, University Park, PA 16802. Review our contact information for additional ways to connect with Penn State Undergraduate Admissions.

What makes me a full-time student?

Students are considered full-time if they are enrolled in 12 or more credits over the fall or spring semesters.

Can I take classes only online?

Online learning options are available through Penn State World Campus. Penn State World Campus offers the convenience and flexibility of learning online—anytime, anywhere. Courses taken online are the same as those taken at any other campus in the Penn State system.

Do you accept CLEP credits?

Taking College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) examinations may allow you to earn Penn State credit. Please review our Credit from CLEP Exams information. 

How will my IB scores apply?

Students who have taken International Baccalaureate (IB) Examinations may be able to earn Penn State credit. Please review our Credit from International Baccalaureate (IB) Exams information.

How will my A level scores apply?

Students who have taken Advanced Level (A-Level) Examinations may be able to earn Penn State credit. Please review our Credit from Advanced Level (A-Level) Exams information.

How will my AP scores apply?

If you have taken Advanced Placement (AP) tests, you may be able to earn Penn State credit. Please review our Credit from Advanced Placement (AP) Exams information.

How do I update my residency to in-state?

Students not yet enrolled at Penn State should email with any request to update residency to learn more about requirements and processes. Current students will work with the Office of the Bursar for any appeals to review residency classification. Please review Penn State's residency policy to understand how applicants are considered for tuition purposes.

What is the tuition for Veterans?

A variety of resources are available to Penn State's military and veteran students, with additional tuition assistance information available through the Office of Veterans Affairs

Does Penn State offer study abroad programs?

Yes, Penn State has an extensive Study Abroad program with a variety of timeframes and locations. Review our Study Abroad information and begin to explore your options for adding a program to your Penn State experience.

Am I guaranteed housing at Penn State?

Housing is only guaranteed for first-year students attending University Park, Behrend, and Schuylkill campuses. Housing options are available at all Penn State Campus locations. Find more information on the admissions housing page or by contacting the campus of interest directly.